Friday, 4 March 2011

after fews month....

ok, here we are again.
so couple of month ago i moved to Roma, with my petite chacal.I'm really pleased by the change.
a brand new start, sometime it's really difficult but thanks to my half for being here and supporting me.
I haven't touch my paints for a while, well i have been lookin for a job since i'm here and spent 3 weeks at the hospital.
Lately i was thinking of my last job, london, all the people i met & the things i have done there.
11 years of : the place i found my petite chacal, Les tetes de goby (you know who you are),Ce ( friend x great projectionist) le croissant humain (kiki), le breaker fou (Not his stinky shoes he hided in our office, hein le vieux Ge), cigarette breaks (Nat), coffee break and fake meeting (loulou), the projection room, mes coups de gueules et reponses connes du mardi matin, thoses who explained to me my job but didn't know how to switch on the proj (so many), the lady who during the screening screamed "the sound, the sound, THE SOUND!...", The one who run to the front row when we open the cine, run to the toilets during the ads and leave, hey guess, running! the crying office (Agathe & Christine thanks for yours patiente), the syndicalist of the library,the long talking with Xa (man, i miss that),the psycho corsican projectionist(excelent teacher), the rotten copy, the copy you screen with stress because when you made it, it has no head or tail... the maintenance day (tony), the 35 degree inside when it's winter outside,Les fiches techniques, the "singer" deputy manager (luc-skywalker), 3 days talks of Lacan psy (how to turn psycho...) the bistrot second office (merci jean-claude),Yanis et la meuleuse, the frozen flat of coldharbour lane, the cambria and the buccaneer (Guru,Aaron,Trendy), Ginger futur father (well done mate), Charlie dog, the scot-spanish family, Jimmy la Lama, Mighty Mike (A Legend), looking petite chacal being drunk after few beer,  "Fishandchips"!, the shit music from the BDM, the victoria line & the 345, "the next stop is sloane square"(Sab), the girls from the front desk(the phone is ringing you don't take it?), Mr sabbah and his legendary can of cola, touring in London in Abdel's car, Babu and his cognac, the jokes of Yoan, the financial team (Mat),Tonio and his cigars,Miss Zola (Chantal),la console son qui n'aime pas la biere, the spanish fest, wine and foot bath,Family Affair (tattoo), the cambria karaoke and the plastic tricycle we found next to it, the off-licence H-24,The DIY boss (Jo), Receptionist DJ Mood, the webmaster from Montpellier & his italian girlfriend, Mat (pleased to see you in Mtp) the chinese at 11pm with my bros, Indian & pizza take-away, the time spent painting in the corridor,E1 car colours for the advice on HOK, Bead Aura (you brought me there so many time), the time spent reading comics at forbiden planet, dinner at Hubert, the irish pub of mayfair, the shakespear head at carnaby St... I probably forgot a lot.
But i will carry all in my heart, thanks
So after a bit of nostalgia, lets begin. i wonder what crazy thing will happen here.
I already have some stuff to tell but i keep that for another post.
See you

Monday, 3 May 2010

Nice car & ratatouille....

The other day i was supposed to go and pick up my girl from work, but i started cookin a ratatouille so i called sayin i wouldn't come.
When she arrived at home, she told me "you should have come, because it was a couple of nice car in a street near my job...." and she show me the picture she took with her mobile

Anyway, the ratatouille was delicious!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Chacal about Petite Chacal

Well petite Chacal was a draw on a paper, the nickname i gave to my girl and today it's a business run by her. I could put here what she wrote about it but that would be too easy.

The "face" became the logo of Petite Chacal.
After few try, i made my first run of tshirt, and a second run 2 years later

What i have done since?..... well i would say not much, 1 half animation, some photography, more t-shirt, some screen printing (it's really fun), spray painting, some canvas for a bistrot in london (Cheers Yanis), a bit of sculpture (if i can call it like that!) and lately airbrush and pinstriping.
And a lot of procrastination!!
At least somebody do something, and push things, Thanks Ary. She didn't forgot about t-shirt.
Anyway, She open her second shop online last week and t-shirts are available (here) , after her first shop on Etsy (here) , where you can can found some nice jewelery.
And she ain't gone stop there because more design for t-shirt are comin' soon.

i will thanks Jonathan (screen printing), Xavier (thanks for the push), Cecile, Sergio and his brother Simbad, Kiki & Celine, Yanis, Julien, Steve, Mathieu, Agathe, Niko DJ and all who support us .

To my P'tite chacal, who did the biggest part and keep doin'it

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Kustom Kulture Show

Hi, at least i start with something.
So here is the event you can't miss this year, "KUSTOM KULTURE BLASTOFF"
It will take place in September at Springfield event center,UK.
Pinstriping, airbrush,lowbrow art, tattoo, tiki, custom car and of course a burlesque show, the week-end gone be busy for your head.

A panel jam will take place each day, so bring your brush (you will need to register in advance) or the thing you want to be striped by the artist of your choice.
More info: